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Welcome to our ‘Boating Resources’ hub, where we’ve assembled a treasure trove of essential info to enhance your boating experience on the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. Navigating our local waterways can be a breeze with access to tide charts, real-time weather updates, local fuel prices and boat ramps. Dive in and make the most of your time on the water with the help of Sandy Point Marine Services.

Find A Boat Ramp

Accomack County, Virginia


Concrete Ramp

Messongo Creek

37.9037, -75.6831


Concrete Ramp

Pungoteague Creek

37.6662, -75.8305

Queens Sound

Concrete Ramp

Queen Sound Channel

37.9348, -75.4197

Gloucester County, Virginia

Deep Point

Concrete Ramp

Piankatank River

37.5361, -76.4953

Gloucester Point

Concrete Ramp

York River

37.2457, -76.5048

*The DWR ramp is currently closed due to an overturned boat investigation. The county ramp across the parking lot is still open for public use.

*Due to the potential for flooding at this location, boaters should exercise caution when landing and launching during extreme high tides and other high water events.


Concrete Ramp

Porpoptank River

37.4548, -76.6679


Concrete Ramp

Ware River

37.4031, -76.4896

Lancaster County, Virginia

Greenvale Creek

Concrete Ramp

Greenvale Creek

37.7229, -76.5448

Windmill Point Landing

Concrete Ramp

Chesapeake Bay

37.6166, -76.2890

Mathews County, Virginia

Town Point

Concrete Ramp

East River

37.4153, -76.3375

Middlesex County, Virginia

Mill Creek

Concrete Ramp

Rappahannock River

37.5842, -76.4244

*Due to sedimentation and high tides, this location is best used as a hand launch location. In addition, the county's courtesy pier sustained damage due to high water and is not safe for public use.

Mill Stone

Concrete Ramp

Parrots Creek

37.7266, -76.6219


Concrete Ramp

Rappahannock River

37.6225, -76.5816

Northumberland County, Virginia


Concrete Ramp

Great Wicomico River

37.8713, -76.4194


Concrete Ramp

Cockerell Creek

37.8245, -76.2716